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"A Coach is someone who sees beyond your limits"

Young Businesswoman

"Behind every fearless player, there is a fearless coach"

Are you on a career path that is fully aligned with who you are or want to be ? 

Do you feel you are in the wrong career or stuck in a career for a long time ?

Do you ponder on how to make your hobby your career ?

Do you wish to transition into a new career but wondering how to do it ? 

You are not alone. Very often our career paths are a result of what we

stumbled into and we kept going with the flow.

To ace your career aspirations, your career choices and path have to be aligned with who YOU are. Your core strengths, likes and flow zone. Thats where I come in and help you take charge of your career path. Help you gain absolute clarity of what you want and then put you on that path.

Read on to know more. 

More About Me...

A marketere by profession, I have spent over 14 years working across brands like Flipkart, Meesho and Ogilvy. Have built winning teams multiple times and have a 16k strong community on LinkedIn where I talk about career, marketing and branding.

A psychology major and a life long learner, I also work as an advisor to many upcoming startups like CheQ, Kindly and PrizWiz.


Coaching has been my passion and a calling. Its what aligns to who I am and is my IKIGAI. I however took a long road to do this and that made me wonder how can I make it easier for others to design a career path they would love and excel in. 

                Whats makes me different from other coaches ?

I am not jsut a certified career and life coach but also a astro-numerologist and use my knowledge to help people discover and transform into their best selves. I believe we are all made for greatness, we only need to find our paths to it. 

My 3 step approach follows - Unpeel | Unlock | Unleash

Here's what keeps me going !

“Luckee helped me identify my behavioural patterns and take corrective measures. This also helped me chalk out a very clear and specific career path for myself.

I wouldn’t say that I have achieved what I set out to, but one thing I know for sure, that now I at least know the correct path to reaching my goals."
Sushant Sadamate | Business head, Momo Media  

Our Services

" Your career is your business. Its time you mange it like a CEO" 

Dorit Sher 

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